Posted: 27th January 2021

Year 6 have started on a reading adventure!  

During our topic of ‘How can we learn about the past?’, we are exploring a personal journey of the WWII genre expressed in independent Reading Journals. These creative and personal reflections will provide space for reflection and evaluation. They will also allow individuals to speculate, predict and explore ideas, whilst giving teachers valuable insight into our wonderful girls’ thinking and comprehension skills as they engage with their independent reading.

Ms Fraser’s English class have already started their discovery, and proudly discuss their reading for pleasure with contagious enthusiasm. We have delved into Anne Frank’s Diary, and are looking at life for refugees during WWII. Poignantly, this week recognises Holocaust Memorial Day with a theme for 2021: ‘Be the Light in the Darkness’.

We hope that the light of reading will bring you as much pleasure as teaching your fine young ladies brings us!

– Year 6 English Team

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