Posted: 10th December 2020

Over the course of the Autumn Term, the Year 3 girls have been working hard in their Music lessons, learning new instruments from scratch!

As a part of our String Instrumental Programme, everyone is learning either the violin with Ms Quirke or the cello with Mr Brunner; spending half of their lesson in a small group with their instrumental teacher and the other half learning about different types, textures and timbres of music with Mr Wray. The girls then took their instruments home and practised over the course of each week, learning their songs off by heart with some even composing their own short, improvised pieces!

In our final rehearsal before the showcase, the violin and cello groups came together to form a Year 3 String Orchestra, hearing each other’s pieces for the first time. Hearing everybody make music together in their classes was a very exciting moment.

These pictures are from our end-of-term showcase, recorded last week in the Runcie Hall; after a term of plucking, playing and practising, it was finally time to perform! We are looking forward to seeing the outcome of all the pupils’ hard work when the showcase recording is sent home for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait to see what our budding new string players get up to in the future!

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