Posted: 10th December 2020

Pupils and staff at Surbiton High School recently collaborated creatively to produce “Hope”.

The inspiration behind the work started when the school’s Composer in Residence, Mr Webb, wrote the music. He said, “I wanted to write a composition that would allow the listener to be peaceful and mindful for a few minutes. Given the current circumstances, I think it is vital that we make time for ourselves to reflect on the good, despite all of the bad news that seems to fill our lives presently.”

“Mrs Newman (Director of Music) shared my enthusiasm for the work and made the suggestion that maybe our pupil Laureates could write some words that were inspired by the music. I approached Mr Bird, our Writer in Residence, and he put the proposal to the Laureates. When he sent through the words they had written, I was delighted. They had absolutely encapsulated what I was trying to evoke in the music.”

The video of “Hope” was shared with the School community at the end of last term as their Friday reflection, and we also wanted to share it with you too.

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