Posted: 20th November 2020

Tying in with our Galapagos project, Year 2 had a fantastic Skype call with Jennifer R. Nolan, Author and Ocean Conservationist, with a particular focus on her work with sea turtles and sharks.

Ms Nolan showed us stunning photos of her swimming with these incredible creatures and explained in fascinating detail how we can all help ensure these beautiful animals are be protected so they can be appreciated by future generations.

We discussed some of the threats they currently face, including how sharks are rather misunderstood and painted as the villain when they are often gentle and elegant creatures. Working on Jacques Cousteau’s theory that “people protect the things they love”, Ms Nolan really brought the ocean into our classroom and gave us a greater understanding of how important this part of our planet is and why it should be valued and protected.

Inspired by this, we have created colourful Sea Turtles from wax crayon and paint in art and are about to start our Galapagos animal research.

Categories: Girls' Prep School