Posted: 19th November 2020

On Friday afternoon, the Year 1 boys boarded Flight Surbiton186 calling at all the continents of the world.

Our first stop was in South America where we visited Brazil. The boys learnt new facts about the carnival that takes place before Ash Wednesday. They watched some carnival clips and explored the music and costumes created. The boys then created their own carnival headband.

Our next stop was North America where we landed in Arizona. We looked at the Grand Canyon and the mountains of Phoenix. The boys learnt that there are over 330 days of sunshine in Arizona and compared it with the weather in England. The boys then received a postcard as a souvenir.

We then travelled to the cold desert of Antarctica. We looked at the weather, the animals that would live in this cold climate, and learned that no people live there. Scientists carry out important research to help with global warming. The boys created an arctic picture.

Mr King gave a very interesting presentation on his home country, South Africa. He taught the boys some phrases from the national languages, and told us about his eventful cycling trip, where he was chased by an elephant. Next, we explored the Big Five animals of South Africa with a listening game.

We then flew to Europe and landed in Turkey. Mrs Still presented colourful pictures and information about her home country. The boys tasted a delicious Turkish biscuit.

Asia was our next stop. We landed in China where we learnt about the Great Wall, and learnt that the Mandarin alphabet has over 8,000 characters. Some of the Year 1 boys were able to share some phrases with the class.

Finally, our last stop was in Australia. Mrs Groenewald shared some pictures and videos from her time living in Melbourne. We also looked at The Great Barrier Reef and at some of the beautiful animals found in Australia.

The boys enjoyed their flight around the world and relished the opportunity to bring the topic to life!

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