Posted: 19th November 2020

Our Eco Committee has got off to an excellent start at the Girls’ Prep. Not only do we have two dedicated and enthusiastic Year 6 leaders, but we also have a focused group of younger pupils to support and encourage their ‘Green’ ideas.

Ruby’s letter home last week introducing a trial to bringing personal cutlery to School has already passed all expectations! KS2 year groups are now bringing in eating utensils from home and remembering to take them home for a sensible clean. Pupils who forget still have the option of using plastic cutlery provided by our catering team. This initiative has been so successful that teachers have been spotted glancing enviously at personalised implements! A huge thank you is extended to parents who have been so supportive of this project.

Ruby and Olivia have been listening carefully to comments from pupils:

“We feel safer now that we can bring in our own cutlery and we know we are doing our bit for the environment too.”

“I like the feel of my new cutlery and I now I have to be sensible to look after it, the responsibility is great!”

“Doing a small thing, but often, is my way thinking about plastic waste going into landfill.”

Ruby and Olivia have also been instrumental in educating their peers about paper recycling. Our new  bins have arrived, and we are in the process of thinking how we can recycle more at the Girls’ Prep.

We have some super plans for the year ahead and, together with the Boys’ Prep and Senior School, we hope to have a fabulous year of collaboration for going GREEN.

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