Posted: 16th October 2020

As Halloween approaches, and with the traditional disco unable to take place, the Parents’ Association encouraged everyone at the Girls’ Prep to feel spooky before half term by running the inaugural Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Over 100 entries were received, with inspiration coming from a variety of sources, including the traditional scary witches and wizards, the fantastical Harry Potters, and the imaginative odes to COVID-19! The level of creativity was astounding, and I took great pleasure and fright in printing out a photograph of each entry for sorting into class sets. Once the deadline for entries had passed, each form then chose their favourite, and the 14 class winners were invited to bring their actual pumpkin into School on the last day of term, so that an EYFS/KS1 and a KS2 overall winner could be announced.

Mr Williams took on the role of the head judge and spent a good half an hour mulling over the pros and cons and the scary vs. the creative of each pumpkin, with his final decision being…imaginary drum roll please…

KS1: Anoushka 1E

KS2: Daisy 5J

Congratulations to both these girls, and well done everyone for taking part. I’m now going to hide under the duvet and wait until Halloween itself has passed!


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