Posted: 15th October 2020

To celebrate National Poetry Day, KS2 were lucky enough to participate in live virtual workshops with award-winning poet, Joshua Seigal.

After winning over hearts and minds by introducing us all to his long-suffering cat, Josh delighted us all with a range of his own poems, both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Then it was time for the girls to turn their hands to poetry. Years 5 and 6 explored ideas of identity through metaphors of colour, while Year 4 got up close and personal with their emotions. Meanwhile, Year 3 extended their Science learning about Healthy Eating by writing an ode to a fruit or vegetable. Judging by the enthusiasm with which poems have been being read and shared since the workshops, we have no doubt that we have some budding poets in our midst. We can’t wait to read and share their future writing.

Black describes me.
It’s the endless void which swallows regrets.
Black is the anxiety which follows me to bed.
Black is the colour that comes after the end.
Black is the whisper which runs down my neck.

White describes me.
White is a page from where imagination blooms.
White is the colour of soft, fluffy clouds.
White is the light at the end of the tunnel.
White is the colour which says goodbye.

Black and white describe me.
The colours that are the meaning of opposites.
The colours I see at dusk and dawn.
The yin and yang to my wonderland
Which both resemble neither good nor bad.
The colours I see inside my head.

Sonia, Year 6

Love is like music as it pulls you along.
Love is like a love-heart
it thumps louder than ever.
Love brings people together.
Love brings hearts and live together.
Love is inspiration.

Love is a huge number.
Love is what everyone needs.
Love is better than everything.
Love is like the beginning of a story
but love will never end.

Arabella, Year 4

Oh Grapes, Grapes, I love you so!
Your sweet, soft skin surrounds
Your juicy, ripe insides.
When I smell you, it feels like heaven!

To touch your soft squishiness feels divine!
Your only disappointment is
Your bitter pips in the middle.
Oh how I wish… I wish…

Isabel, Year 3

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