Posted: 25th September 2020

The week started with an MFL assembly, with many girls sharing the additional languages they speak at home, or with extended family and friends. 

Many of the girls and teachers shared expressions in a different language, which gave us the opportunity to hear the diversity of languages spoken within our school community.  Others talked about how speaking different languages has enriched their lives in some way.

All year groups have looked at the importance of learning a foreign language, as well as the benefits.  The girls gave wonderful answers: from making new friends on holiday, ordering a meal for your family, to being able to work abroad in future careers.

Year 6 presented facts about the origins of some languages.  They also looked at links between languages and how understanding the patterns of one language could help them to learn another.  Year 5 have explored how learning a language gives you a greater understanding of the people, its culture and customs, and the girls gave us many presentations on different countries around the world.

Other activities across the School have included class quizzes, learning greetings in other languages, and describing country flags in a different language.

At lunch, we have enjoyed different dishes from around the world each day. The week culminated with International Dress Day with a colourful display of costumes to reflect the diverse nature of languages and cultures in our world.


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