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Posted: 24th September 2020

For us, our aim is to help your daughters to flourish. We want them to be happy, confident, articulate learners with a strong moral compass and a willingness to put other before themselves.

We want them to mature into independent, thoughtful people who understand that mistakes are the tools by which we develop and progress and that ‘having a go’ is one of the bravest but empowering attitudes to have.

And so, we start every year reminding the girls what it means to flourish and to give them pointers towards helping them to do this. To aid them in this, we use our PRICE tree with its PERMA roots.

For those parents whose daughters are just starting out their journeys with us – welcome to the educational world and its love of acronyms!

Firstly, let me explain PERMA. This is the grounding of our tree – what roots us all and leads to our flourishing. And there are 5 key elements that every human needs in their lives: Positive emotions, activities for Engagement, Relationships that promote our well-being, recognition of the need to do things with a sense of Meaning or purpose, and opportunities for personal Accomplishment. Under our Charter of Wellbeing, we share with the pupils what each of these mean, why they are so important and ask them to be mindful of how they promote these in their daily lives.

Secondly, we have our PRICE values. These are the values that we promote in our daily interactions with one another. They are the outcomes – what we actually see – when underneath the surface, in the ‘roots’, our girls are flourishing. We see them being Polite, showing Resilience, striving to be Independent, being Caring and putting in Effort.

And all of this is linked through our school motto: ‘May Love Always Lead Us’.

We understand the importance of learning but know that this is a whole lot easier for our girls when they are flourishing.

Happy girls = successful learners (a simple formula).

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