Posted: 7th September 2020

As the parents and boys approached the school gates in their pristine new uniforms, I imagine there were nervous feelings all round.

The parents concerned about their little ones starting school after six months at home, the staff because the new guidelines don’t allow for the ‘softer’ start to Reception for the boys and most importantly, the boys themselves for the big change in their life.

However, nerves are clearly overrated and the boys strode in purposefully and excitedly. They barely looked back, and the buzz of school life began. We have never been so content! Celebratory applause to all the Surbiton High School community as another year starts with gusto!

Our Reception girls arrived smiling and happy for their first day at school. We were so impressed by their eagerness to explore and familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. From the moment they said goodbye to their parents, the girls showed such amazing confidence and from the start, new friends were made and new routines were quickly learned. We are so looking forward to seeing the girls again next week!

Categories: Girls Prep - Reception