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Freewrite Wednesday Sees Lani’s Final Piece

Posted: 1st July 2020

This Freewrite Wednesday a fantastic final piece of writing has been submitted by Lani, a member of the Girls’ Prep since Reception, as she leaves for Denmark at the end of this year!


Thank you thank you Surbiton High,
You made me stop being shy,
You taught me how to read and write,
The teachers are such a delight,

Being polite is first on the PRICE list,
Resilience is where we need to persist,
Independence is next in line, doing things on our own,
Being caring and kind is what we have been shown,
And last of all effort, how much we have grown.

Let’s go around my school for a tour,
I am on the first floor,
Turn right at the double doors, the first classroom on the left is our pride,
If you have a look inside,
You can see we like to put a lot of effort in our work especially when we divide.

As you can see,
Surbiton High is a wonderful place to be,
Laughter and fun,
Hearts full of sun!

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