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Student Laureates Continue to Write, Submit and Mentor Throughout Lockdown

Posted: 25th June 2020

In a matter of 6 days, our student laureates have been hard at work and managed to produce Skylark: listening out for inspiration, and writing lines on love, smiles, innocence and political satire with Boris the Dog.

Skylark is packed full of imaginative, creative writing – get a taster from a fantastic piece by Holly called Smile:


Simple smiles of happiness,
Such heart-warming things to see.
Hopefully, again one day,
I will see you smile at me.

That day, we’ll head to the square,
Anywhere we’re together.
Holding hands, I’ll look at you,
Yearn to stay here forever.

And that is when you’ll meet my eyes,
And you’ll smile at me with joy.
That moment, I’ll love your smile,
Whether kind, teasing or coy.

I will wait, see just your eyes,
As they rise and they twinkle.
From grins beneath a face mask,
That make your temples wrinkle.

Else through a House Party call,
I’ll see it behind a screen.
That smile will brighten my day,
But I won’t forget my dream.

Our fingers will intertwine,
One day, and you’ll smile at me.



Want your piece featured in the next issue of Skylark? Write a 200 word max, short story about an animal of your choosing! Could be a slug, or a dolphin – or a skylark! Please email your entries to Stuart Bird ( – the deadline for this competition is Friday 26 June.

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