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Posted: 7th June 2020

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Our Year 6 pupils have had an extremely successful set of 11+ Entrance Examination results.

The 11+ process at Surbiton High Boys’ Prep is rigorous, and lengthy preparation and hard work has meant many of or pupils are in receipt of offers from multiple schools.

This year forty-one pupils have received 124 offers, 46 of which were Scholarships awarded to 18 pupils.

City of London Freemen’s School 1 7 Academic Scholarships, 5 All Rounder Scholarships, 1 Music Scholarship
Claremont Fan Court School 23
Danes Hill School 1
Emanuel School 1
Epsom College 11 4 Music Scholarships, 2 Sports Scholarships
Ewell Castle 5 2 Academic Scholarships
Halliford School 12 1 Music Scholarship, 1 Art Scholarship
Hampton School 9 1 Sports Scholarship, 1 Academic Scholarship
Lord Wandsworth School 1 1 Academic Scholarship
King’s College Wimbledon 5 1 Academic Scholarship
Kingston Grammar School 11 1 Sports Scholarship, 1 Art Scholarship
Queen Elizabeth’s School 1
Radnor House 1
Reed’s School 17 1 Academic Scholarship, 4 Music Scholarships, 1 Art Scholarship, 5 Sports Scholarships
Royal Grammar School Guildford 6
St George’s College 3 1 Academic Scholarship
St John’s School 10 1 Academic Scholarship, 4 Sports Scholarships
St Paul’s School 1
Tiffin School 5

We work extremely closely with parents and pupils to ensure our boys sit the entrance examinations for the correct mix of schools suitable for that child. The tailored provision at the Boys’ Prep means the 11+ process starts early in Key Stage 3 (Year 3 upwards), with a detailed and thorough approach and focus on achieving the absolute best for our boys.

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