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House ‘Oscars’ Film Competition

Posted: 5th June 2020

During the lockdown, pupils had the opportunity to unleash their inner auteur and create their own quarantine-inspired short film for our first ever House Film Competition.

Pupils entered a range of different film genres, including documentaries, short fiction films, musicals, a series of webisodes and stop motion animations. Competition was fierce! We were delighted to see so many hidden talents in our pupils come to the surface in these difficult times. Here are just a few of the winning entries. We do hope you enjoy our little online Film Festival.

‘Solitary Comfort’ by Seraphina (Nightingale). A powerful documentary musing on the effects of lockdown. WINNER – BEST WRITING (DOCUMENTARY).

A Brief History of Barnes’ by Lorna (Curie). A professionally made documentary making the small subject of the sleepy town of Barnes important and engaging. WINNER – BEST DOCUMENTARY.

‘Eight Days In’ by Lorna (Curie). An engaging and amusing look at the impact lockdown has on our psyche. WINNER – BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY.

‘Life in Lockdown’ by Josie (Austen). A painstakingly detailed look at lockdown through the lives of Lego characters. WINNER – BEST STOP MOTION ANIMATION.

‘Covid the Musical’ by Mia (Fonteyn). A magical musical medley with witty lyrics and powerful performances that encapsulate the whimsical mood of this strange time. WINNER – BEST FICTION FILM. WINNER – BEST SOUND/MUSIC. WINNER – BEST ACTING PERFORMANCES.

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