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Posted: 8th April 2020

Over the Easter break, Surbiton High School initiated a challenge to run, cycle or walk the distance around Great Britain (17,984km) in an effort to raise money for four fantastic and worthy charities.

According to the Ordnance Survey, to travel around the Great British mainland would be a total of 17,984km, which includes the journey from the school grounds to shore and back again. Our aim over this challenge period is to engage our whole community throughout the Easter holidays with a combined event that would help people to keep active and take part as a family. To track out progress, we set up two Strava groups; one for running and walking and one for cycling, that would manage any progress made and by whom. We managed to travel a fantastic distance of 22,743km with over 2,500 different activities logged throughout the duration of the event.

It is safe to say that we smashed our targeted distance, clocking up a total distance of 22,743km and raising an absolutely amazing £3,665!

We would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you that took part and donated towards this cause in aid of supporting NHS Charities Together, SPEAR London, Princess Alice Hospice and Kingston Foodbank.

The Challenge

As a school community, we aim to run, cycle and walk around the island of Great Britain, starting from School to the shore, than around the entire coastline; a total of 17,984km in 12 days. If 500 participants took part, this would mean 36km each.

This is a hugely exciting challenge, but one which will keep us active, keep us together and keep us supporting others as we look to raise funds through sponsorship for four key charities that desperately need our help right now:

  • NHS Charities Together: supporting NHS staff and volunteers who are working with COVID-19 patients
  • SPEAR London: helping the homeless and vulnerable in the local SW London area
  • Princess Alice Hospice: a local hospice in Esher
  • Kingston Foodbank

The Results

Day 1: 1,388km covered

Day 2: 3,510km covered

Day 3: 6,348km covered

Day 4: 8,760km covered, £1,020 raised

Day 5: 10,164km covered, £1,140 raised

Day 6: 11,635km covered, £1,525 raised

Day 7: 13,563km covered, £1,660 raised

Day 8: 15,614km £1,815 raised

Day 9: 17,694km, £2,190 raised

Day 10: 18,836km covered, £2,405 raised

Day 11: 21,365km covered, £2,829 raised

Day 12: 22,743km covered, £3,655 raised

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