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Posted: 5th February 2019

We are delighted to announce that Surbiton High School has won the Tes Sports Award in recognition of our ‘Sporting Choice for All’ Programme. The programme aims to develop a love of sport at all levels and ages. Its reach has been extensive and the School run 80 sports clubs every week facilitating 3,500 pupil sessions to engage in co-curricular sports clubs from Reception to Year 13.

Right from Reception age, we instil a passion for a variety of sports in our pupils. The ultimate aim is that this will stay with them for life. Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Prep have been awarded the School Games Mark Gold Award in recognition.

In the Senior School, three different pathways allow girls to pursue a sporting curriculum which focuses on their interests. This approach to teaching sport is underpinned by the Charter for Well-being, a whole school initiative aimed at helping pupils flourish.

Sunita Pottay, Director of Sport at Surbiton High School was delighted, exclaiming: ‘The Sporting Choice for All’ programme has developed strong lines of communication between pupils, staff and parents to ensure mass participation in all areas of sport as well as excellence. There is a place in sport for every child at Surbiton High School and we create a strong sense of belonging whatever the level. The ultimate aim is to ensure pupils leave Surbiton High with a lifelong love of sport”.

Rebecca Glover, Principal, stated: “I am absolutely delighted that Surbiton High School has been recognised for the breadth and depth of its sporting programme. The tailored provision of the curriculum in sport ensures that each child is able to flourish in an extraordinarily wide range of disciplines. Pupils have the opportunity to represent their country, county, and school teams. Running a ‘Super Eight’ programme allows the pupils to develop new skills, hone practiced skills and compete successfully on a national platform. Our successes in Rowing, Tennis, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Football and Skiing speak for themselves. The School is now poised to embark on an ambitious Cricket programme that will only add to the depth offered.

This award builds on the previous success of the School in winning the Tes Creativity Award in 2018.

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