Joining the Senior School

Before starting at Surbiton High School, we recommend that both parents and pupils read through this page and its links to familiarise yourself with important information such as the school uniform, clubs, travel, equipment and dates and times. 

If you have any questions about the information on this page, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

Uniform | EBooks, Equipment & Stationery | Additional Information

School Times  
 Monday - ThursdayFriday
School Bell8.20am8.20am
School Ends3.55pm3.40pm


The Senior School uniform is supplied by AlleyCatz. Uniform can be purchased from the supplier's website or from their store, the address is provided below.

Claremont House
34 Molesey Road
KT12 4RQ
Tel: 0845 6016535

Surbiton High School Parents Association (SHSPA) hold Nearly New Uniform Sales throughout the year. Dates and full details can be found on the SHSPA Website.

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Books, Equipment & Stationery

Pupils joining the Senior School should have a fully equipped pencil case containing an ink (fountain) pen, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, highlighter, glue stick, scissors, 15cm and 30cm rulers, colouring pencils, a pair of compasses and a protractor.

They will also need a calculator either Casio FX85GTPLUS (suitable for iGCSE Maths) or Casio FX 991ES (suitable for A-level and University Maths).

Year 7 pupils are supplied with Art Pack including a sketch book, water colour paints and oil pastels; the cost of approx. £20 is added to the school bill. In Design Technology pupils are supplied with a portfolio folder, textiles pack and graphic equipment; the cost of approx £15 is added to the school bill.

Year 7 pupils will be issued with an iPad to use during their time at Surbiton High School. Though the iPad remains property of the School, your daughter will be able to take it home and operate it as if it were her own. Reference materials that were previously required as hard copies – such as dictionaries, bibles or atlases – can now be accessed through the iPad and will be preloaded onto your daughter’s iPad. Please supply a set of earphones that your daughter can use with her iPad.

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Additional Information

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