Sixth Form FAQ

Surbiton High School has a number of Scholarships available for Sixth Form entry: Academic, Art, Photography, Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Music and Sport (Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Skiing and Tennis). Furthermore, the Dame Angela Rumbold Science Scholarship is awarded to a pupil who has attended the School since Year 7, intends to study two sciences at A Level and pursue a science-related course at university. In addition, the Green & Silver Club Sixth Form Award is also available to those pupils who have been at the School since Year 7 and who would require financial assistance to remain in the Sixth Form.

Scholarship Assessment timeline for September 2022 entry:

  • Sixth Form Scholarship Applications close -30 September 2021 at 12.00pm
  • Sport Scholarship Assessments – Fortnight commencing Monday 4 October
  • Deadline for Art and Photography Portfolio submission – Monday 4 October 2021
  • Academic Examinations – Wednesday 6 October 2021 -1.30-5.30pm
  • Music auditions – w/c 1 November 2021
  • Academic Candidate Interviews (shortlisted candidates only) – 8-12 November 2021
  • Dance, Drama and Performing Arts Assessments – w/c Monday 4 October 2021
  • Art and Photography Examinations – Saturday 13 November 2021 –  9.30am – 1.00pm


Sixth Form Scholarship Application Form

See below FAQ’s for specific criteria for each Scholarship area.



Candidates are required to demonstrate all-round academic excellence through performance in the Scholarship examinations and a subject-specific interview.

The Academic Scholarship examination is made up of three parts:

Part I – Cognitive Ability (1hr 30mins)

All potential Scholars sit a multiple-choice test designed to measure their ability to think quickly, solve novel problems and understand and learn rapidly. These skills are something that they have developed over their lifetime, and they will continue to develop.

Part II – Application of Knowledge (1hr 10mins)

Applicants complete one of five optional pathways:

  • Option A Pathway 1 – Arts and Humanities (1hr 10mins)

In Section 1 of the Arts and Humanities option, applicants will have to comment on a piece of writing using the information to complete a short response and a longer response. In Section 2, they will complete one essay from a choice of titles. Both sections do not require specific pre-existing subject knowledge; it is discursive and analytical ability that is being assessed. Five minutes is allocated for reading and absorbing the information provided.

  • Option B Pathway 2 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Physics (40mins)
  • Option B Pathway 3 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Chemistry (40mins)
  • Option B Pathway 4 – Science – Core Maths (30mins) + Biology (40mins)
  • Option C Pathway 5 – Core Maths (30mins) + Advanced Maths (40mins)

No knowledge beyond GCSE courses is required; the academically most able will have the ability to capitalise on the resources and reason through the arguments and information to draw out the information needed to answer the questions. Applicants on Pathways 2 to 4 will answer a selection of multiple-choice and longer-answer questions that assess their ability to apply their mathematical and scientific knowledge quickly and confidently. Applicants will only be tested on content covered in their Maths and Science lessons to date, so no further study is required.

Note: All applicants on Pathways 2 to 5 will sit a Core Maths paper (30mins) that tests mathematical skills and knowledge needed for excel in Pathways 2 to 5 and within content covered in iGCSE Maths.

Part III Interview

The aim of the interview is to explore the candidate’s aspirations for the future, and how they respond to unseen material. No specific pre-existing subject knowledge beyond their GCSE studies is required. Candidates will be expected to make links between different subjects and be able to vocalise their thought processes. They will be interviewed by at least one member of teaching staff within their subject specialism/pathway.


Please produce a portfolio of recent work, showing a range of ideas and processes. Sculpture and other three-dimensional work, or very large works, should be photographed. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an assessment, which will consist of a one-hour observational drawing skills test followed by an interview with the Director of Art and Assistant Director of Art. This discussion will include a number of questions on Art and Artists, as well as your own work as presented in your portfolio.


It is desirable, but not essential, for candidates to have studied GCSE Drama or Dance. All applicants sit a 45 minute written paper, referencing and analysing a live performance event (e.g. a piece of theatre, dance performance or musical theatre performance). The question assumes you have seen a number of productions over the last two years. You may have two A4 sides of notes about the live production that you wish to write about.

If you are applying for a Drama Scholarship, either prepare two contrasting monologues from published plays or collections, or two musical theatre pieces (that include both dialogue and song). You may choose a combination of one monologue and one musical theatre piece. Each monologue or musical theatre piece must be between two and three minutes in length.

Should you wish to offer design or a technical skill as your specialism for your Drama Scholarship application, please submit a portfolio of work outlining the ways in which your skills have enhanced two productions.

If you are applying for a Dance Scholarship, please prepare two contrasting Dance pieces. These performances can contrast in terms of style, music, or stimulus. Each dance performance must last approximately two minutes.

Candidates who wish to apply for both Drama and Dance Scholarships must prepare four performance pieces.

We will also ask you to demonstrate your proven commitment to Drama and Dance and your broader interest in the subject in a short interview with the Director of Drama and Dance. The School may choose to offer only Drama, Performing Arts or Dance Scholarships in a given year, at their discretion.


Candidates should have reached at least Grade 6 standard on their principal instrument. For the audition, candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces on their principal instrument. We can provide an accompanist and ask that the piano accompaniment is submitted to Mr Richard Hammond-Hall ( no later than a week prior to auditions. Candidates are also welcome to bring their own accompanist.

Candidates will be asked to sight-read, take some aural tests and discuss their musical activities, interests and achievements in an interview with the Director of Music. Scholars will be expected to participate in at least two ensembles at School and seek leadership in a third ensemble. Those awarded a Sixth Form Scholarship must endeavour to achieve Grade 8 during Key Stage 5. Scholars will take a lead in Music Department events and competitions and participate in evening events where requested. They will be expected to be an outstanding ambassador of the subject. When awarded a Sixth Form Scholarship, students are expected to study Music A-level.


Please submit a portfolio of Photography, which could contain moving images. Shortlisted candidates are invited to an interview with the Director of Art and the Assistant Director of Art. Candidates will be expected to answer a series of questions on Art and Artists and talk about their own work as presented in the portfolio.


To be eligible for a Sports Scholarship, candidates are required to have reached the minimum standard in at least one of the following sports:

  • Cricket: Currently training and competing at senior club level. Must have participated in County age group training/fixtures.
  • Football: Candidates will need to demonstrate they are playing at Regional Talent Centre/Surrey Premier Division club level.
  • Gymnastics: Club Member competing at Regional level. If no longer competing, must have competed at international level
  • Hockey: Performance Centre level or above in the Player Pathway. Actively competing in Ladies’ Hockey at National League, Regional Leagues or County Premier League
  • Netball: Actively competing in Ladies Netball at National League, Regional League, County or equivalent League. Playing in, or previously trialled for the County Academy Pathway
  • Rowing: Competed in finals at a National event, or a finalist in a top regatta such as Wallingford/Women’s Henley. Must have aspirations to be a GB Rower.
  • Skiing: Member of a recognised Ski Race Club and registered with Home Nations Governing Body (e.g. Snowsport England). Actively competing on both dry slope and snow
  • Tennis: Players will be shortlisted via their rating/ranking and most recent tournament results. These must be strong enough for a place in our current U18 Nationals team

Pupils who are awarded a Sport Scholarship are expected to attend all relevant training and compete for the School in their Scholarship Sport, when selected.

Please provide a letter detailing your sporting achievements and training programme and, where appropriate, a reference from an external coach. The referee should not be a member of the School PE Department. If shortlisted, you will be invited for a range of fitness and skills tests. Upon award of a Scholarship, each Sport will have specific requirements.


The Dame Angela Rumbold Science Scholarship is awarded to those who have attended Surbiton High School since Year 7 and intend to pursue a Science-related course at university.

Candidates are required to demonstrate all-round academic excellence through performance in the Scholarship examinations. Dame Angela Rumbold Science Scholarship applicants must complete Part II of the examinations. They will be expected to study at least two Science subjects at A-level (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and to demonstrate an interest in Science beyond the classroom. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and then interviewed by the Head of Science and the Head of Scholars & Academic Enrichment. The aim of the interview is to explore the candidate’s aspirations for the future study of Science, discuss areas in which she is particularly interested and her vision for this particular role.


The Principal’s Award celebrates outstanding achievement, and is awarded to a candidate(s) in recognition of their exceptional performance. Please note that candidates cannot apply for the Principal’s Award.


Scholarships awarded on entry to Surbiton High School in Year 7 are tenable until a pupil finishes Year 11. Scholarships are subject to the conditions contained in the original offer letter, providing all the conditions of the award are still valid. Those looking to join Year 12 can apply for a number of Scholarships or Bursaries, providing they meet the relevant criteria for application and a new Scholarship or Bursary application must be made for the pupils to be considered.


We offer a limited number of means-tested Church Schools Foundation Bursaries at entry to Sixth Form, these are reviewed annually. Please note that Bursary applications for combined incomes over £70,000 may not be considered.

There is also a percentage reduction in the fees for daughters of full time members of the Clergy in the form of a Clergy Bursary.

How to apply

Application forms for financial support should be submitted before 1 November


This will be awarded to a pupil or pupils who have attended the School since Year 7 and would not be able to continue into the Sixth Form without financial support. The Green & Silver Sixth Form Award can be received by one pupil or shared between pupils.

The award will be tenable for both years of Sixth Form study and may be offered as an additional discount to pupils receiving a CSFP Bursary. Pupils not eligible for a CSFP Bursary are still entitled to apply, providing all the above criteria have been met.

To apply for the Green & Silver Sixth Form Award, please complete the application below. This application is means tested and, if eligible for the Green & Silver Sixth Form Award, the girls will be asked to fill out a personal statement form and attend an interview. This will be the girls’ opportunity to demonstrate to the Green & Silver Club Committee why they are a suitable candidate for an award. Recipients of the Green & Silver Club award are expected to be future ambassadors for the School. The Chair of the Green & Silver Club Committee, the  Principal and the Head of Development will make the final decision.


Applications for Sixth Form Scholarships close at 12.00pm on Monday 30 September 2021. Please complete the Sixth Form Scholarship Application Form here.


The Academic and Dame Angela Rumbold Scholarship Awards are conditional on candidates gaining eight GCSE passes at grade 9 – 7.

Pupils awarded Scholarships in other disciplines are required to meet the entry requirements of the Sixth Form.

Academic, Principal’s Award and Dame Angela Rumbold Scholars are also expected to take part in appropriately directed academic pursuits throughout the year and to perform in the top 25% of the year group for the end of year examinations. The Scholarship will be reviewed on an annual basis. Examples of academic activities in which Scholars would be expected to participate or take the lead include:

  • Leading year group and whole school assemblies (with support from relevant members of staff)
  • Entering school, local, national and international competitions in subject areas that are of interest to them
  • Taking time during weekends and/or holidays to explore their learning beyond the classroom through directed and bespoke targets set by members of staff

Please refer to the appropriate section for further expectations of our Scholars with regard to the Art,  Photography, Drama, Performing Arts, Music and Sport Scholarships.

Terms and Conditions of Award – Scholarships