13+ Process: Entry for Year 9 2022

We are able to offer 10 places for 13+ entry for candidates eligible to join Year 9 in September 2022.

Registration Deadline

The deadline for registration is Friday 12 November at 12.00pm.

Examination Process

Candidates looking for 13+ entry will sit age-appropriate Mathematics and English papers on Monday 22 November. This will consist of two, hour-long papers with a short break in between. Both papers are based on standard material covered in Years 7 and 8.


On the basis of the Entrance Examination results, candidates will be shortlisted and invited into the School for an interview, at the end of November, with one of our Senior Leadership Team. This will enable us to get to know your daughter better and provide an opportunity to discuss a candidate’s motivation for joining Surbiton High School and their areas of interest.

Offer of Places

Places will be offered by the end of the Autumn term and must be accepted by early March 2022, along with payment of the deposit.