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Girls’ Prep Nativity – Prickly Hay

Posted: 8th December 2022

Year 2 performed the nativity, ‘Prickly Hay’ – a fun-filled Nativity hoedown set in the famous stable, just before the arrival of Mary and Joseph and a rather important guest. Some children were helping clean and tidy the stable, just as they did all over Bethlehem, but for very little pay or appreciation. The stable animals most certainly appreciated them, however, and set about trying to cheer their young friends up with song. The stable children were soon surprised by some very special visitors which led to a stable packed full of shepherds, sheep, Wise Men and rather grumpy camels. The children and visitors soon realised than even what seem the smallest jobs or acts of kindness, can have a huge impact on people and never go unnoticed by God. Year 2 were fantastic in the main speaking parts and with all their songs, while Reception showed off their dazzling dance moves and lovely singing as little donkeys and Year 1 shone as the Wise Men in their beautiful song.

Girls' Prep Nativity 2022

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