Posted: 25th September 2020

The way our Reception boys have settled in has been remarkable.

The boys flooded through the gates in orderly, socially distanced lines on the first day of the new term and quite literally never looked back. Reception started life at ‘big’ school without their parents guiding them and holding their hands. They were awe inspiring! They have settled into school and embraced every aspect of their school day, loving the challenges and relationship building and playing.

They have taken everything in their stride and have shown confidence, resilience, determination and friendship in abundance. They have thoroughly enjoyed all their new experiences: LOC and Games at Hinchley Wood and eating in the dining hall being highlights!

The rest of the year groups followed suit flourishing back in their environment with their friends all around. We are so proud of them all. If ever there was an assessment for resilience it would be called ‘lock down’. They have shown us their incredible adaptability, their love of learning and their sheer determination. Well done boys.

The first couple of weeks of the first term are spent establishing new routines and awarding roles and responsibilities. The Year 6 boys take their responsibilities very seriously and are delighted with their new roles. Their one overriding wish at the moment is to meet their buddies in Reception in real life! We are hoping to create a replica of a royal wave from the playground balcony next week so that they can at least see them in person. The school is now alive with a real buzz and the boys have knuckled down to some incredible work.


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