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STEM Day for the Girls’ and Boys’ Prep Schools

Posted: 23rd May 2019

a line of flames, which the teacher is about to discuss with the students in the classroom

Today we did a super fun S.T.E.M day with the Boys’ Prep and children from other local schools. It was lovely to meet them and welcome them to our school.

(That stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.) To kick off the day we started with Maths. We did a hunt around the playground answering maths problems to try and decode the message.

It turned out to be ‘What are six sevens?` Next we went upstairs to the Science Lab for Engineering and made SCRIBBLEBOTS!!! (They are robots that draw/scribble.) After that we moved the tables to start Technology. We used the school iPads to program the Dashbots.

We worked in pairs to complete the Sellotape mazes on the floor. Then we had a quick lunch and set off to the Senior School.

Now it was time for Science! We started with Biology looking at a rat’s inside. Next we did Physics when we did sound waves and we set methane on fire! Last of all we did Chemistry and we set people on FIRE! (Just kidding, it was only the bubbles that they were holding that got set alight.) Sadly it was time to end the day.

Juno and Sara.

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