House Fashion Show 2017

Senior School Events

On 9 March and 10 March, we saw over 550 pupils’ efforts, both on and off stage, culminate with the jaw-dropping 'Surbiton Goes to the Oscars' 2017 Fashion Show. The six House teams took to the stage with energy, passion, creativity and flare to wow the judges and audience with their individually-set House themes of Romance, Detective/Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Epic/Historical.

Each of the dresses were sourced from recycled materials with wide array of dress-making styles, skills and seamstress work on display.  The time and devotion dedicated to each dress, together with the accompanying choreography, media and music repertoires, strongly reinforced each performance, leaving the judges with tough decisions to make.

Each mini-set was superbly supported with masterly performances from our school gymnasts and various dance groups to further impress the audience and add to the overall performance. Some of the incredible gymnastic moves evoked a riotous applause.

The funds raised will primarily go to our friends at the Full Circle Fund (supporting families suffering with cancer), along with the six chosen House charities. Our Young Enterprise teams and their Social Enterprise counterparts were all doing sterling work in the Dining Hall, both before the show and during the interval on both nights, which was fantastic.

Each House was judged according to four main categories, with an overall winner selected by our expert judging panel, consisting of Simon Dodd, Emma Watkinson of Silkfred, Eve Winstanley and Suzie Ruggles; the founder of the Full Circle Fund.  


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