Girls’ Prep Year 6 assembly!

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We were absolutely buzzing to perform our part in Year 6’s fabulous assembly on Wednesday 8 March. We based the assembly on our learning this term: World War II. We have learnt so much that we even wrote the whole assembly and this newsletter piece!  It was an awesome experience, and definitely one that we will all remember.

Neville Chamberlain or Adolf Hitler?  Which one do you choose? We did a programme called “Britain’s History” and interviewed Chamberlain and Hitler to see their different perspectives on the war. We asked them questions that they had to answer honestly in as much detail as they could. We really enjoyed acting this out.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Bletchley Park. We performed a role play and gave a clear explanation, including facts about Bletchley Park and the people who worked there. In the role play, we focused deeply on how hard it was for the workers as they had to lie blatantly about their jobs to their closest friends and family to keep the work at Bletchley so secret. In addition to this, we talked about the bombe machines they used to crack the codes in World War 2. We even met a lady who lived next door to Alan Turing!

Other girls participated in a moving evacuee drama. Three worried families had to be torn apart by sending their young children to the safety of the countryside to avoid the bombing of the towns and cities by the Germans. Everything seemed fine before the scared children had to be split up between their new families; some were rejected, others were lucky to be kept with their siblings! A highly-emotive piece, performed to the background of soundscapes that we had composed in Music.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Pink”, said the school children.  These school children had the chance to learn about frequency analysis in their Maths lesson. They found out the most frequent letters in the alphabet and even decoded one of the German messages! We learnt how frustrating it must have been for the code breakers at Bletchley Park, but that through perseverance and determination, their work proved vital to the successful outcome of the war.

Beep! Beep! Beep! As part of our Science lesson, we are making Morse code machines as these were used during the war to send encrypted messages. We explained what parallel and series circuit are and what circuit they used in the Morse code machine. We also learnt how to send ‘Save Our Souls’ (SOS) in Morse.

Welcome to ‘Propaganda Posters Game show’. We learnt that these were used to persuade people to do various things during World War 2, such as recycling metal to make planes, advertising for women to join in the war effort and even avoiding talking to strangers for fear of revealing secrets to spies!

Democracy or dictatorship? Which one do you choose? Be careful which one you select because there are consequences! We had various scenarios relating to either democracy or dictatorship, basing it on the time of WWII. We have been thoroughly enjoying our PDT topic this term, and were so excited to be sharing it. We ended our group’s part with a democratic vote, and were really pleased with the result, as, thankfully, everyone chose democracy!

Finally, we rounded off our assembly with a moving rendition of the White Cliffs of Dover by Dame Vera Lynn. We would like to thank all the parents who have organised the outfits and props for the scenes as they really helped to shape the World War II atmosphere. We hope you enjoyed the whistle-stop ride through history.

Mr David Williams, Year 6 Teacher




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